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CCTV Surveys Surrey

Drain Unblocking & Cleaning

Foul and surface water drains as cleared by either high pressure water jetting or using the mechanical coring machine. All work is carried out in a professional, efficient manner so that no time is wasted on site.

We also have the facilities of Tankers and Lorry Mounted Jetting Units if required.

Services include:-


  • Unblocking and cleaning blocked drains from your toilet, urinal, wash hand basin, bath, shower, kitchen sink, waste disposal unit, dishwasher, washing machine or any blocked external foul, surface/rainwater manhole, gully or drain using high pressure water jetting

  • De-scaling of all internal and external small bore pipework from your urinal, wash hand basin, bath, shower, kitchen sink, waste disposal unit, dishwasher or washing machine using mechanical coring machine

  • De-scaling and de-greasing of external drain runs using high pressure water spin jetting

  • Empty and unblock blocked sink waste gullies, rainwater downpipes and gullies, grid and slot drains, interceptors and grease traps

CCTV Camera Surveys

Our Van carries a state of the art digital colour CCTV Camera Survey Unit which enables us to highlight for you any problems in your drains to enable repairs (excavation) or 'NO DIG' drain restoration (drain lining).

These Surveys can also be used prior to purchasing a property to assess the condition of the drains or if you are considering having an extension or building works to your existing property to locate the layout of the drainage systems.

We provide:-

Full Report sent by email including

A plan

  • A plan of the problem area

  • All findings and recommendations

  • Snapshots (photo) of problem areas

  • No obligation, free Quotation for any/all recommended works

Root Removal

Trees, shrubs and hedges look aesthetically pleasing but can cause havoc within a drain run. 

The roots will locate a water supply, whether it be in foul or surface water drains, and will push their way through pipework, manhole walls and benchwork whether the material is clay, plastic or pitch fibre which will cause blockages and damage. This is known as a Root Ingress.

Root Ingress' can be removed quickly and efficiently by high pressure water spin jetting. 

Once the root ingress has been removed further root damage can be prevented by the installation of a resin impregnated polyester felt Liner ('NO DIG' drain restoration).

Drainage Repairs

We offer a 'NO DIG' drain restoration option for damaged drains that have cracks, fractures, partial missing pipework, displaced joints, root ingress (after root removal), or drains that run under buildings where excavation and repair is not an option.

We use resin impregnated polyester felt Liners which are inserted into the damaged drain run to seal cracks and fractures.

These Liners smooth over displaced joints reducing the resistance caused by displaced joints and increase the flow of solids and liquids helping prevent future blockages in a problem drain run. Liners also prevent further root ingress or water infiltration or egress.

No remedial works will be undertaken without prior consultation with the Client and a free Quotation being submitted and accepted.

Below are examples of some of the services we provide:-

Replacing defective

  • Replacing defective manhole cover and frames

  • Replacing defective and missing benchwork within manholes

  • Excavation and replacement of defective sink waste gullies and rainwater down pipe gullies

  • Excavation and replacement of damaged foul or surface water drain runs including reinstatement of excavation

  • 'NO DIG' drain restoration (drain lining)

Maintenance Contracts

We provide maintenance contracts tailored to your personal requirements for domestic, commercial and industrial customers. Some examples are:

High pressure water

  • High pressure water jet cleaning of foul and surface water drain systems to prevent blockages.

  • Emptying of foul and surface water gullies including grid drains, patio drains, slot drains, car park drains etc

  • De-scaling of urinals and all small bore pipework by mechanical coring machine to prevent uric acid crystal build-up and subsequent flooding

  • Emptying and cleaning of grease traps and high pressure water jetting of associated drain runs

  • High pressure lance jet cleaning of driveways & pathways to remove moss and lichen whether concrete, tarmac or paving slabs or block paving.

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